No matter how hard we try, it’s almost impossible to relate if we’ve never experienced it. If you have never experienced the power of drug addiction, it’s hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone fighting it. If you’ve never breakaddiction-1024x632experienced a physical prison and the overwhelming feeling of being released, it’s hard to relate. Sure people try and help but if they don’t understand from experience, the struggle then is not as effective.

Whatever you are coming out of, God is bringing us someone that has been there. There is always someone that has been through it. All the self-help and counseling books in the world could never replace firsthand experience.

After John the Baptist baptized Jesus (Matthew 4:1-11), He was led away by the Spirit into the wilderness. While He was there He fasted for 40 days, afte9bde50905beb0fe320bb130e4c40afc1r that Jesus was also tempted by the devil. While we may overlook these as just a part of what happened, it’s something much more than that. These three simple temptations are what lie at the core of every one of ours. This gave Jesus the experience and knowledge of what we go through. This gave Him the ability to relate to others.

For some of us, we’ve been through the addiction, we’ve been through the abuse, and we’ve been through the prison system and so on. We’ve been through it and have overcome it. We’ve redefined ourselves and found our identity in Christ. There are those that are coming out of it that need us. They need our testimony, they need our shoulder, and they need our help. God didn’t save us from it for us to just move on with our lives. People are struggling and hurting, people are drowning, and they need support from the ones that have been there.

The truth is, we can’t save them, and we can’t pull them out of the gutter. But what we can do is be there when they’re ready. Be there when God softens their heart and they see the reality. We can be there to help relate to the thought process they have and help them renew their mind and thoughts in Jesus. addiction-therapy

Most of the time when people are at that point, everyone else has abandoned them and they have burned all their bridges. That is what we are here for539838_422285694515419_586725061_n_zps2b3bd856.jpg~original. That is where God has called us. After the Walls is here to help rebuild in the likeness of Christ. We’ve been there and we’ve experienced it. If it is you then we’re here. If it’s someone you know, then we’re here for them as well. We will help and support in any way that we can. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I have made that mistake too many times only to revert back to my old ways. Jesus didn’t even do it alone and He was walking as God in the flesh. Paul didn’t even do it alone, the same people that he was trying to kill and imprison before his conversion came along his side.

For the ones reading this that aren’t going through, or haven’t gone through some of these things I pray you follow us on social media and email. This can be a valuable resource to help you help others. We are in this war called life together. It is time we step off the sidelines and get in the game. 636011804533596877279417241_o-SUCCESS-facebook-3

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