We’re all addicted to something, sugar, caffeine, social media, TV shows, really just about anything people can become addicted to.istock-494435962 But when it comes to the hard and heavy stuff like drugs, alcohol and sex/porn the bondage is strong.

I can remember growing up and seeing drug addicts on TV or on the street. You know the stereotypical ones. I would think to myself that I would never become like that; I would stay away from drugs.

Alcohol in most families is a common thing at gatherings and events. hqdefaultAlmost like a “harmless” necessity. Drinking until intoxication is the norm in a lot of circles.

I was consumed by both. They helped to numb the pain and they helped to forget. Numb the pain of past mistakes and short comings and to forget who I had become.  I had managed to make a lot of mistakes and to me, in my mind; a failure is what I had become. It was easier to drown it out with drugs and alcohol than it was to deal with it and be better. It was easier to push the problems down and mask them then to confront them and fix them.

While I did have a job and I wasn’t “homeless” almost most of the time the drugs and the alcohol became my priority. It was where I felt I fouSigns-of-Alcoholism-2nd my identity, where I could be me. When the drugs stopped I felt I was making headway and becoming better. Looking back it was only replaced by more alcohol and the sexual addiction grew. Battles with porn and promiscuity grew and things just seemed to get darker.

It was who I was; I had convinced myself it was who I was suppoimage.aspxsed to be. If I couldn’t use you for my own personal gain then I had no need for you.

The day I had my encounter with God changed everything. I have learned that drugs, alcohol and sex  (addiction ex: outside of marriage and porn) are cheap knock offs of what God intended for our life.  They give you a false sense of happiness, control, strength, acceptance and freedom. These are things we all long for and the enemy has made counterfeits. The only pure form is found in Christ alone.

To convince someone of this is impossible on our own. Like me, my heart had been hardened. In my mind I was ok, I knew I was probably going to hell when I died but it didn’t matter to me. I was blinded by the deception of the enemy and didn’t really care.

The day we chose to give it all to God I put down the bottle, drugs weren’t in the picture so that wasn’t an issue. Faith-Christian-Bible-Sun-Sky-Clouds_credit-ShutterstockTo change the way I viewed women and sex was a little more difficult. A lot of prayer, reading God’s Word and being around people that encouraged me to be better.

I still struggle with thoughts; the devil still tries to get me to revert back. From time to time my nose will itch and the thought of the drugs will come back. Sometimes the taste of alcohol will creep in and I’ll think about a drink. We all know about the sexual temptations we all face daily just from TV and the way people dress in today’s world.

I have overcome all of this through the Blood of Jesus. He has saved me from the grips of the enemy and continues to renew mephesians6_11y mind daily. That doesn’t mean the devil has given up and moved on. It only means that daily I must prepare for this battle. Every day I must suit up and get in this fight. I must stay in His Word, I must stay in prayer and I must say alert.

I know that without Jesus I would still be trapped in that same darkness. I am not an “addict”, I’m not a “recovering addict”. I am a redeemed child of my Almighty God washed clean by the Blood of my Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There is a better way. There is a better life. And that is found in Jesus alone. Bondage breaker 2

I pray you will follow us through this blog and on social media. This can be a valuable resource to help you and others find their identity in Christ. We are in this war called life together. It is time we step off the sidelines and get in the game.

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