Today is a tough day for Christina and I. More her than me. Today is the due date of a child we lost in a miscarriage last year. This beautiful child is the second one we lost in a single year.  I find peace in the fact that both of these children are with God waiting for us to join them. angel.png

I am thankful for the salvation and peace of mind that I find in Jesus on days like today. Not that it makes it any easier to deal with and handle, but peace of mind just the same.185

Loss is a part of life, no one is promised eternity in this fleshly body. Even Jesus had to die. It is what we do with the time we have that is important here on earth because that inevitably determines what happens when we she’d this body and move on.

I can remember the days leading up to my grandma’s passing. I found joy in the fact that not only did she know who Jesus is, but also had a very personal relationship with Him. Knowing this told me that when God said her time here was up that she would be with Him in Glory. If this would have happened 4 years ago I would have been a wreck. She meant so much to me; she was always there even when everyone else has gone. I found strength in knowing she never jesus_heaven.jpggave up on me. Was her death painful for me? Sure it was, I cried a lot. But I realized that it wasn’t for her, it was for me. I didn’t wasn’t her to go, I didn’t want her to be gone from my life on earth.

Just like with my grandma, these two children had an impact on my emotions. I wanted them here with me, not with God. Even though not being here on earth is better, I wanted them here. I don’t understand everything God does but I find peace in know that He knows better than I do. His plans are for His Kingdom and sometimes mine are for selfish reasons. We can be mad at Him but it won’t change the fact that He is God and we are not.

What happens after we die is up to us. God has given us a Savior that can and will redeem us from our sins. His name is Jesus. 2rgkizqAll we have to do is accept is gift of salvation and follow Him. Get to know Him on a personal level and allow Him to change us from the inside and make us His. He is the only way, if we don’t accept Him as your salvation, we’re promised eternity in hell separated from Him forever.

Will you be counted among the followers of Christ or will you be sifted out and separated from Him for every? It’s your choice and when the time comes you’re the only one accountable.

With every breath being a gift from God I aPhil-12-760x507m humbled and thankful for His gift. Like Paul says in Philippines 1:23-24, I’d much rather be in heaven with God. It’s a better place but it’s not God’s plan. For those that have left us I pray they were right with God because it’s too late to make it right after your life is over.

It’s not too late for us. Now is the time to make things right, now is the time to turn to God. Our next breath is not promised to us; tomorrow is not promised. If you need direction or guidance we are here. We’re here to point the way to Jesus.


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