Today is the day we reflect on the beginning of the end of Jesus’s life in the flesh. Today we reflect on His suffering on 4197813936aee2322c67a02539bacd2fthe cross for you and me.

He died for our sins. Jesus lived a perfect sinless life here on this earth but still died a sinners death. And with that He also bore all our sin.

When I reflect on His experience, it’s painful. Sure the physical beating and being nailed to the cross hurt.  But it’s what happen in Matthew 27:46 that really gets me. Jesus cries out to God asking why God had forsaken Him. my-god-my-god
This is powerful!
Jesus was given our sin to be our perfect sacrifice. God in turn sentenced Him with the penalty of sin, that is separation for Him. It had to be this way. Sure Jesus knew this was going to happen, but the physical body reacted to it, the human mind felt the pain of the separation.

We will all face this judgment one day. The question is, will you be washed in the Blood and clean from your sins? If not, you will face the separation from All Mighty God. There is a choice everyone must make, God or the world. No one knows when they will die or when the end will come. It’s a huge gamble to put it off and think you have time.


I pray you will follow us through this blog and on social media. This can be a valuable resource to help you and others find their identity in Christ. We are in this war called life together. It is time we step off the sidelines and get in the game.

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