When I look back at my past I see a lot of times where I may have cheated death. That death came for me but I was smarter, wiser and quicker resulting in a win for me and a loss for death. 18jp1ffme4goejpgI’ve had instances that there is no logical reason I should have made it out alive. From fights I was out numbered in, car accidents, drug overdose and even a few times having guns pulled and shots fired.

As time went on, those scrapes with death became badges. At the time badges of honor for me and the badges gave me a sense of pride. As time grew so did my pride. I almost felt bullet proof. So much so that the last time a 2f2262f705d7e22ebbe7c5aa9f8e60d3gun was involved I was going to charge the person with the gun thinking I would win and he would lose.  God was with me that day; even though I wasn’t living in God’s will, my wife showed up and de-escalated the situation.

It was almost an indescribable high that I would get after something like that would happen. My mind would see it as proof of me not needing a God that wanted to control me and tell me what to do. I did not need Him because I had it all under control.

Picture-of-HellI didn’t have a fear of hell; I actually figured that was final destination and nothing could change that. I truly felt that because of all of the bad choices I had made and people I had hurt that there was no way I had another option. This is a conclusion coming from someone that knew who Jesus was and knew a lot of the Bible.

The problem, looking back, was that I didn’t truly know Jesus. I knew who He was and what He had done but I had lost that personal relationship. I had become disconnected from God and His Word and reconnected to the world and its dark ways. As time went on things only grew darker for me. The drinking increased, the anger grew, my hate for the world and everything in it became worse. I was living in a reality that was destructive and was convinced that everything would eventually come to a destructive end. You know I was content with that. I was content because I didn’t see another way, to me it was the cards I was dealt. I could either embrace it or fight it, either way the outcome would be the same.

Oh but Jesus! When I had that encounter with God, late October almost four years ago, I saw Jesus for the very first time. No He wasn’t physically present29507-01082015-Romans-6-6-7-social.1100w.tn.png standing in front of me, but the conversation that went on in my spirit was life changing! I saw Him for Who He was and is. I saw the love, forgiveness and Redemption that can only be found in Him. The peace that came over me when I chose to completely surrender I cannot find the words to explain. That day changed the course of my life forever.

Like me, no matter how lost we think we are, or someone else is, we’re never too far gone for the Blood of Jesus. As long as there is breath in our lungs, there is hope.

I’d like to say that it’s just a prayer, but it’s not, it’s more than that. It must be life changing, it must be radical. We must allow God to turn our life upside-down; we must allow ourselves to go through the painful process of leaving the worldly ways behind and conforming to Jesus and His lifestyle.


Is this you? Are you stuck looking for answers? Or maybe you know someone who is? Jesus is that answer, Jesus is the only answer. He is waiting for you! It’s your call.

If you need help with any of this we are here. We’re here because He was here for us. We are here to point you to Jesus! Feel free to contact us at any time. Be blessed and know that Jesus died for you and loves you.

In Christ alone

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