I can remember when I was a kid living in California, man it would get foggy. It would get so foggy that you could barely see your hand in front of your face. You definitely couldn’t see ten feet away. This made navigation tough, especially for a young kid like me walking to school. boy-fog-foggy-green-guy-man-favim.com-65910It would almost look like what I was walking towards was not longer there. I just had to trust that I was going in the right direction. I have to admit that I remember a few times I missed my turn. I would miss it because I wasn’t paying attention to the sidewalk and would walk right past the turn not being able to see my usual landmarks. The landmarks were still there; just due to the fog I couldn’t see them.

Life is much like those walks to school. For everyone, but more so for the Christ follower. Things in life can cloud our vision and make it tough to see. The enemy is great at doing this. He tries to fill our minds with other thoughts (not necessarily bad ones), doubts and fears to cloud our vision of Jesus. This, at least for me, makes me doubt my direction and true faith in Jesus at times. It makes it hard to stay the course and remain focused on Jesus. With this the devil is hoping we, like me on the way to school, make a wrong turn, miss the turn or stop all walking together. If he can make that happen then we become less effective. It could hinder our walk with Jesus and our testimony.

I sometimes forget the lesson I learned all those years ago. The fog never changed what was really there; it just made it harder to see it. fog[21]I had to come up with a different way to navigate the sidewalk. I learned that if I would just look down I could see where my turn was. Following Jesus is much like this. If we will just look down and follow His steps we will stay on course. We do this by reminding ourselves of and meditating on the promises we find in His Word. We remind ourselves that there is an enemy out there that will try to distract us. And we stay on course.

Just like my walk to school, we may miss the turn or make a wrong one in the enemy’s haze. When I would make a wrong turn walking to school, when I realized I was in the wrong place I would correct my steps and get back on course. I would do that because my destination was school and I couldn’t get to school walking in the direction I was going.

l_4d4d7f80-acb7-11e1-b4a0-fb4429c00003God gave us our directions back to Him. The first is through His Son Jesus; until we make that life changing direction, Heaven will not be our final destination. Sad reality. The second is found in 1 John 1:9, here we find directions back if we were following Jesus and made a wrong turn. We confess the mistake, or some cases mistakes, and we turn back to Him. We get back on course and pursue Jesus.

There isn’t anywhere in the Bible that tells us this new life with Christ will be easy and I pray for the ones that make it seem that way. To follow Jesus, truly follow Him, will be tough at times. Tough because this fallen world we live in is growing farther and farther away from Him. To truly follow Jesus is to not go with the majority if the majority is going against God. In doing this the enemy begins to work by clouding our minds with haze. Stay focused on the goal. If it gets tough to see you only have to look down to follow His steps.56352aa375a3989221af006083a87e75


If you need help navigating back to Jesus, we are here to help you find the way back to Jesus! Feel free to contact us at any time. Be blessed and know that Jesus died for you and He loves you.

In Christ alone


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