It’s humid out today and I’ve been drinking quite a bit of water. Here at work I have two choices for water; I can get it from the fountain or I can get it from the R/O water dispenser. water glass

The fountain water comes from the water treatment plant out here and it’s very high in sodium. Drinking this water wouldn’t kill me but it’s not really the best choice. In the long run, it will probably have some sort of effect if I drank it as much as I drink water.

The R/O water I get from a place in town. (R/O stands for reverse osmosis). It’s a process that takes out just about every impurity there is, thus giving you pure water. They then add electrolytes and other minerals into the water to make it better for us to consume.

I don’t allow myself to run out of R/O water. I have plenty of jugs so when I’m on my last one I just run into town and get more. I do this because I want what is best for my clients and I.

Jesus has a conversation with a woman about water in John 4 where the Samaritan woman had come to get water from Jacob’s well.036-036-Jesus-And-The-Samaritan-Woman-small Jesus said He could give her Living Water. He then said “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again,  but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in Him a fountain of water, springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:13-14

As I was refilling my cup today, I was thinking about that conversation. The only way I can fill my cup is to bring it to the source. I then have to choose which water I want to drink. Our spiritual life is the same way. I can fill my cup with Jesus’s Living Water (time in prayer, time in meditation, time in His Word, time with fellow believers), or I can fill it with the world’s water (TV, games, bars, clubs, negative music, ect.)

Just like at the well with Jesus and the Samaritan woman, one will bring life and fill us to overflowing, while the other will only leave us thirsty and disappointed.

Some of us are doing the best we can to keep our head above water.13269309_1637751079883163_750949493_n Some of us struggle to make it through the day with our mind on Jesus. I know for me, when this happens, I have disconnected myself from the source. I have stopped spending as much time in His Word, in prayer and in meditation. Something has distracted me and I changed where I am being filled.

We all have a choice. We can choose to be filled by the world; this in turn will allow the things (attitude and thought process) of the world to overflow from us. Or we can tap into Jesus and be filled by His Word; this will cause us to overflow with Him (His attitude and thought process).

I ask you the same question I ask myself. How much time are you spending tapped into Jesus? If it’s not as much as you should or could be, I urge you to change that. It may not show now, but eventually it will have an effect on your life. Jesus is the only true source of Living Water.


I hope everyone has an amazing day! If you’re not sure on your relationship with Jesus, or just need to talk, we are always here and always available. Our contact information can be found here or on our Facebook page.

Be blessed and show someone Jesus! In Christ alone

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