I have been putting a lot of thought into what truth is and I have come to the conclusion that truth is relative. It’s relative because there are deciding factors that can and will determine what the truth is to us. What truth is to me today and what it was four years ago isn’t the same. It has changed because the facts and information that I have today has changed what the truth is to me.

The opposite of truth, as we all know, is a lie. Lies are tricky; they are tricky because they are easy to believe.811e9a98fdb41e1c9c6143c60e26e309 Just because we believe them doesn’t make them truth but they do become truth to us. The bad part about that is that our thought process changes and the basis of that change is a lie. A good example is how we see ourselves. For the longest time I saw myself without any worth or value. I saw myself as an ex-con, an alcoholic, a womanizer and an angry person. I didn’t see a way to change that; I had accepted that as who I was and the person I would die as. Of course, all of that is a lie but for me, at that point in my life, it was truth. It was truth because I had allowed myself to be deceived into believing a lie.

If we tell ourselves a lie long enough, for us that becomes our truth. Have you ever spoken to someone that was trapped in a lie? Maybe they, like I was, believed that they would never really amount to anything? Or maybe they thought that their drinking wasn’t a problem? Or how about someone who seemingly justifies drug use? There are the ones that can’t see that the relationship they are in is toxic and destructive. There are so many lies that it would be impossible to name them all. I believe the biggest lies told is that either God doesn’t exist or He doesn’t care about little old me. Sure, to us we can see that it is a lie, but we’re on the outside looking in. For that person, they are trapped on the inside and that very lie is truth to them.

I spoke with someone a few months back and shared the Gospel with them. Together, we went through God’s Word and I pointed out the truths of the Gospel. We spoke for over an hour and this wasn’t the first time Believing_A_Lie_by_vhonneI had had this very same conversation with this person. After sharing with them, they looked me in the eyes and said “I don’t believe it – if what you say is true then everything I’ve known all my life is a lie.” For this person, even though they believe the Bible is truth, they wanted the lie more. It doesn’t make the Bible any less true, it just shows how deep in that person’s spirit the lie goes.

I spoke with another person that was deeply hurt by “organized religion”.  People had lied and twisted God’s truth to hurt and control people and that scarred this person’s view of God. It doesn’t make God any less loving or forgiving, but for this person the scars are deep and painful. For these two examples, what is truth to them has been shaped by lies that we are told by others, lies that became truth for them.

Now I’ll give my own personal experience and what had changed it all for me. I had a misconception of the Church for most of my life. When I was younger I saw Church as just a place I had to be on Sundays. I thought that I could do my own thing and be ok as long as I showed up on Sunday.alcoholic-FI As I grew older and started to get into trouble, I started to blame God. I blamed Him because He wasn’t protecting me from the consequences. The truth was that my poor choices were mine to make. Instead of facing the truth, that it was me and my choices that I made, it was much easier to believe the lie that God didn’t care about little old me; it was just the way that I was. I thought I would never change. That lie from the devil became my truth. I embraced it and ran with it. I was on a path of destruction and destroying everything I came in contact with. I did this through alcohol, drugs, fits of anger, promiscuity and deception. For me it didn’t matter what people told me. Honestly when people would try to speak life into me it would only push me farther.

It wasn’t until God opened my eyes. Not my physical eyes, but my spiritual ones. That day, almost four years ago, God spoke to my spirit. That day, once again, I had a choice to make. Either I followed the course I was on that only lead to destruction or I changed my course and I followed Him. 38d33-eyejesusI made my choice that day to follow God with everything that I have. The major thing that had to change was my perspective of the truth. I had to turn from the lies that I believed most of my life and turn to Jesus. You see, without Him I am still a druggy, alcoholic, angry, cheating deceiver. It is only through the saving Blood of Jesus that I am made new.

Truth is a matter of perspective. There is the world’s version of the truth, which is fluid and almost always changing. Then there is God’s truth and God’s truth never changes. In order for God’s truth to change He must change. God doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8).

So I have come to the conclusion that truth is relative. It’s relative to our mindset. If we have a worldly mindset, what we perceive as truth probably won’t be the same as someone with a Kingdom mindset. So in lies the question; what is your mind set? If it isn’t God and His Kingdom, then it’s a worldly one. God is the only one that can reveal His truth to you. God is the only one that can remove the blinders from your eyes. I pray that if this is you today that God would show you His truth, that God would reveal Himself to you. But all the prayer in the world won’t make the choice for you. The choice is yours. The choice to follow Him or not.


We are always here and available if you need help or guidance. Be blessed and remember that our strength as Christ followers comes from Jesus not ourselves.

In Christ alone



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