Today on my way home from work I was stuck behind a road construction crew that was painting the lines on the two lane road. I was at thimagese front of the line and could see the cars stacking up behind me. The man waved us to go around after a few minutes of sitting there. Just as I was passing the construction truck, a SUV came flying around the other side. I never saw her in my mirror so she had to be quite a few cars back and very impatient. It made me think of the concept of the lines on the road and the reason for traffic laws.

The lines on the road and the traffic laws in general weren’t designed to “control” us but to keep us safe. Speed limits, for example, line of profitiability.pngaren’t there because they want to be mean and not let you drive fast. They are there to keep everyone on the road safe. The lines are to keep everyone in that particular lane going in the same direction. If there weren’t lines and laws then each person could decide for themselves how and where to drive.  It would be crazy!

My brain then moved over to life and how we live it. Just like the lines on the road and the traffic laws give us the designed way to drive, God’s Word gives us His designed way for us to live. He blessed us with the Salvation found only through His Son Jesus and His Word with these we are given the “rules” of the road of life, the lines and boundaries to keep us in the right direction and most importantly His Grace when we veer off course.

So often we choose to live life by rules and ways other than His perfect design. This is a fatal choice. Wrong-Way-Turn-Back-Sign-K-7427Sure we might be moving along in life at a really good pace just doing our own thing, no real “accidents” to speak of and life is good.  The down side is that our final destination isn’t what we hope it to be because we’re not going in the right direction.

God loves us so much that He gave us the road map.  He has set the laws and boundaries that will lead us to Him. Unlike the physical roads we travel, there isn’t any police to force us to obey. It must be our choice. e14782d6d51bea409c7c8115e864ac8bWe must choose to follow the path God has laid out for us. That path starts at the Cross, that path starts with Jesus. But there is more to the journey. We can’t accept Jesus and then continue doing our own thing. Just like we can’t take the on ramp to the physical highway and then drive however we want to. There is a process and there are boundaries we must follow.

I pray that if you’re not on the right path that you find it. This path is found in Jesus alone. If you’re not sure or need help, we are always here to help. If you have wondered off course and headed in the wrong direction, I encourage you to turn back to Jesus.


Without God’s Word planted in us we can’t know the right way. God’s Word is our “spiritual gps”.


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