Would I lie to save my wife? That was the question I was asked last night in our Wednesday night church discussion. Sounds like an odd question to be asked in church but let me explain. CpD6HisWIAApArM

We have started reading the Proverbs for the day in our Wednesday night service to start off the night. We go around the room getting feedback from everyone on the verse or verses that stuck out to them for that day. Last night was the July 12th so we read Proverbs chapter 12. One person brought up verse 22 “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal truthfully are His delight.”

With this verse we began a conversation on lying and if we feel that it can be justified. Most of us who know rahabthe Bible think of Rahab in Joshua chapter 2 when Rahab lied about the spies. She could have told the truth and the spies may have been captured and most likely killed. She also lied for self preservation and favor from Joshua knowing that the One True God was on Joshua’s side.

We have a tendency to use that as an example of a justified lie. When talking about it last night I was presented with a question. Much like Rahab this question involved the location of someone, that someone being my wife whom I love so very much and would protect to the best of my ability. The question asked of me was “if some had a gun to my head and wanted the location of my wife, would I tell the truth or lie?”

My answer last night was that I would like to think I would tell the truth because God does not like people lying – I would trust that God would protect her. I then said that I couldn’t say for certain because I have never been in a situation quite like that. I am sure that that response might have stuck my wife’s heart but it was my truthful answer.

This morning as I was working, I was going over the conversation in my head and having a conversation with God about it. Boy did He reveal something profound to me! lying

When Rahab lied it was for her own self preservation. If she didn’t say something she would have died and if she told the truth she wouldn’t be rewarded when they were overrun by Joshua and his army. So she lied.  When we are presented with a question like that, or put in that actual situation, we sometimes only see two options. Tell the truth or lie. To save the one we love we respond with telling a lie. Its justified right? We’re lying to save a life. But we often forget that there is a third option and that option is to say nothing at all. Sure no response would possibly end in death for us but it would also keep us from telling a lie and going against God’s Word.

It’s funny that out of all the people in church the question was presented to me. I’ve never really had a fear of dying and have never been one to back down from a fight even if there was a gun involved. The “old me”, the me before Christ, would almost certainly respond in anger making the situation worse.
Can I say what you must do in a situation like that? No I can’t, that is between you and God. The response will most definitely be determined by how close you are in your walk with Jesus. But rest assured that with every temptation God always provides a way out (1 Corinthians 10:13). It’s up to us to allow Him to guide us. If we don’t trust Him and follow Him 100% it will be hard to hear His voice in a situation like that.


So after my long conversation with God my answer has changed. I pray that that situation never comes my way, but if it does I pray that I am strong enough in my walk with Him to say nothing at all. Trusting that He is ultimately in control and His Sovereign Will would be done.

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