Following Christ is a choice I have to make every morning my feet hit the floor. I have to make a conscious decision that I will draw closer to God today than I was yesterday. I think this is a very important thing for people to realize and for people to see. I am where I am today, not by my own will or power but by and through Christ alone.

I’ve been meditating on the journey I’ve been on these past almost 4 years. Man has it been a crazy ride but a ride that is so worth it. we-may-lose-much-by-serving-christ-but.pngI fail often and to be honest am slow to repent some times. God is still working on areas of my life. I knew going into this that perfection would not be obtained until I am with Jesus in Glory.

I feel lead to write this particular blog because God has been showing me something I would like to share within myself.

As I said in the beginning, I have to choose every day to serve God. To give the day to Him. As I was processing that truth, some other thoughts showed up. Like “you fail almost daily”, “you’re letting God and everyone else down” and my favorite “why not just go back to the old you, it’s easier and more fun”. Those are just a few of the many ways the devil tries to get in my head.

With those thoughts I have choices to make. Those choices really can’t be based on if the statements are true or false because those three are pretty close to being truth. If we do not change our perspective of truth  and our perspective of who God truly is, thoughts like that can make us turn away from God. deny-themselves-take-up-their-cross-follow-me-christian-wallpaper-hd_2048x1536If I ponder on those thoughts for too long, they start to affect my emotions and feelings. They open the door to fear, doubt, regret, worry and all sorts of other things that will eat us up.

The truth is: When my wife and I made the choice to  pursue Christ, everything was going really good by the world’s standards. We had friends, popularity and money. We didn’t turn to God because we were in a jam. We turned to God because the Holy Spirit convicted our hearts and we saw the destructiveness in our lifestyle. We saw the need in our hearts to change. But seeing the need and feeling the conviction isn’t enough. We had to act on it. We had to make the choice. And that choice doesn’t end there it’s a choice that has to be made daily.

With that choice I knew I had to allow Jesus and flip my life upside-down.images I knew that with following Jesus a lot of things were going to change and I had to make the choice to follow Him. I had to find new friends, I had to change the places I went to “have a good time”, I had to change the music I listened to and movies I chose to watch. Everything had to change. After doing all of that I have to continue with the changes, it’s my choice.

There was a time in our lives where it wasn’t clear if we were going to make it through as a couple. 6ec65626a596b923373c9de1d890f902There was a point where I had to choose, would I choose my relationship with Christina and sacrifice my relationship with God? Or would I be willing to walk away if that’s what God asked? It was a choice I had to make.

I have come to realize that if I choose God and follow Him the best I possibly can, He will take care of the rest. It wasn’t that God wanted me and Christina to separate, He wanted us to choose Him over everything else in this world. It’s about choices. We can’t choose the world and God. We can’t choose the world while everything is great and then turn to God when things start falling apart.

Matthew 19:16-30 Jesus tells a rich man to sell everything he as and give it to the poor. This wasn’t to make the man poor or to say that being rich is a bad thing. This was to show the man that God wasn’t his priority. To show him that his money was his god.

We must choose God every time. We must trust that God will take care of the rest.

In Genesis 22, God asked Abraham to sacrifice Screen_Shot_2014-10-20_at_15.52.29his only son. The son that Abraham felt would help fulfill the promise. Abraham chose God by obeying what God asked him to do, trusting in God’s plan. We all know the story, right before Abraham was to sacrifice his son, God sent a ram as a replacement. Abraham past the “test” and was found faithful.

In order to make the right choices our thought process must be in line with God. We do that by spending time in prayer, in His Word and with like-minded people. It is crucial, especially in today’s world, to stay prayed up and in His Word.

Following Christ, being a Christian, is more than a simple prayer. It’s a lifestyle. A Christ like lifestyle.


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