Trusting God and His timing can prove to be difficult at times. At least for me. I sometimes forget that God not only has my best interest on His mind but also His Will. I forget that He knows the beginning and the end of everything. There is also the human factor as well. With somethings it requires Him to work on people’s hearts to get them in the right place for His plan. We have a tendency to give up if the prayer isn’t answered right away. Sometimes we don’t give up but we get discouraged.

I can remember when I was in prison it would happen at times. Of course I prayed for release for most of my stay. john137I would find myself trying to convince God that I was ready to be in the outside world. I would tell God that if He would just let me out, I would do amazing things for His Kingdom. The reality was that I wasn’t truly as ready as I had myself convinced. It was more that I just wanted out and figured my walk with Him would be easier on the outside. He knew I wasn’t ready and I probably knew it to if I would have been completely honest with myself. But I wasn’t and I allowed myself to be blinded by my will and what I wanted. Sure, my release date finally came and I was on the other side of the walls and fences. I wasn’t as ready as I thought and eventually ended up consumed by the world once again.

Trusting in God’s timing gives us an advantage. It gives us the advantage of preparation. If I would have trusted in His timing I would have been using that time of waiting to prepare for what I was asking for. I can’t go back and change any of it, I can only learn from it and continue on.

Another example of His perfect timing in my life is with my children. The past two weeks has been a time of reconnection for my wife and I and our two oldest daughters. They both have their individual long story on how our relationships got to where they were. Some of y’all know them and some don’t but for the sake of time and space we’ll leave the details for another time. tumblr_mod8bzNJ8M1qhhtzeo1_500Just know that God has brought us back together. My oldest daughter and I haven’t physically seen each other in over 20 years. That changed last Saturday when we were honored to have dinner with her. For me it was very emotional but I managed to keep composure for the most part. Our middle daughter had chosen a different path a few years back that didn’t exclude my wife and I. While she is still making some bad choices we have started the reconnection process.

I believe this is His timing. We needed to be in the place He wanted is to be for it to work. Our hearts needed to be in the right place.

As we grow in our walk with Him, He will mend the relationships that can be mended. He will reconnect us with people who are dear to us when we’re truly ready. God will not connect us with people that will pull us away from Him, but He might connect us with people that need to see Him and His love. But in order to do that we must be ready, we must be prepared. That is where His timing is perfect. image-78.jpg

God’s answer some of the time is not “no”, but His answer is “not yet”. It is in those times and in those moments that we need to prepare for God to move. It is in those moments that we must remain faithful to Him and His will, even if it seems counter productive.

It makes me think of Abraham and his son. Knowing that this son was promised from God to be the beginning of God’s ultimate promise, to be the father of many nations, he was still willing to sacrifice him.

God’s timing is perfect. We only need to trust Him and prepare. We do this through prayer, reading His Word and the fellowship with other believers. Those three things are the key to our growth in Him. When we focus on those three things then He will take care of the rest. He does that by working on our hearts and shaping us into who He wants us to be. Then He will use us in His timing.


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