The lie of the world is that we’re ok just where we are. That we don’t need a Savior and that what we gain in this life trumps everything. We spend more time at our jobs trying to advance than we do with our families. largeWe end up trapped in rat race that no one can win. We live for the weekend, a time to drink it all away and have no worries. We become so consumed with having the coolest car, house and gadgets. We spend years going to college just to spend the rest of our lives in debt chasing an unreachable goal. All while forfeiting our eternity. We become too focused on the physical and tangible here now, not caring about what comes next.

Some of us punch our weekly church time card, maybe even twice a week.  But once we exit the building it’s back to the grind. We go through the ritualistic and religious motions thinking that it is enough.  “I go to church”, we tell ourselves. “I’m a good person”, or “look at all the good I do”.

hurt-by-church-quoteThere are also some that have completely abandoned church all together. For some it’s because we’ve been hurt by the church in some way. While for others it’s more that they may feel they don’t need church. And to be honest, I don’t blame them. We, as the church, are supposed to be more like Christ and less like the world. But more and more we’re becoming the exact opposite.

Here is the reality. Here is the truth:

We are all sinners. There is nothing that we can do on our own to change that.  We were born into sin and into a fallen world. Sin is everywhere.

God gave us the remedy and solution. He gave is His Son Jesus. The only man to live a sinless life. Not only that but He was charged for crimes He didn’t commit – Jesus was tried and then crucified for them. Empty-Tomb-Picture-07He was then buried in a borrowed tomb with a huge rock and Roman guards at the door of the tomb. Three days His body spent in the tomb while He was battling hell and the grave.  On the third day He rose, defeating hell and the grave forever. He now sits at the right hand of our God making intercession for us.

I know a lot of people already know this but some may not. He loved us so much that He was willing to suffer in the flesh for us.

It’s so much more than an hour or so a week. There’s so much more than the daily grind. Jesus is waiting for a commitment of our whole life. Every aspect of it.

I used to live for the weekend. I used to work to try to get to the top. I didn’t really care what happened when this life was done.  I just wanted to make it worth it.

Life is different for me now.  It is no longer about what I achieve, the things I can get or the status I can gain. My perspective has changed; my goals have changed.  Live-is-Christ-404x350

Jesus longs for a personal relationship. A real authentic relationship. Not the religious or denominational one but a true one-on-one relationship. My life has changed drastically ever since I chose to pursue Jesus and His will. It’s amazing the things that can change with Jesus.

Will you join me in this pursuit? I can’t promise that it will be easy. Actually it’s going to be really tough at times because we live in a fallen world. But one thing I can promise is that if you stick it out to the end, if you finish the race, it will be well worth it.


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