Something that took me a while to understand and to see is that some people just don’t understand. What I mean by that is that they don’t understand why I choose to be different set apart. As Christians we’re expected to be different than the rest of the world. Not just in word but in action as well.

When I was in my old ways I didn’t care what others thought of me. I was going to be the me I wanted to be, and if you didn’t like it than you could kick rocks. walkingawayYou could walk out of my life and I wouldn’t miss a step. After surrendering my life to Jesus I thought it would be different. I thought more people would like me and want to be around me.

While in the beginning it seemed to be that way, over time it has seemed to change. Some people continue to leave and or distance themselves from me. This isn’t limited to friends and acquaintances either. This also includes family as well.  People that I once was close with are no longer around, or our time together is limited.

With some of these relationships it was confusing to me. I didn’t understand why and to be honest, it hurt. Some left quietly and just faded away. While others left abruptly with harsh words. Honestly it hurt. Honestly a couple of them shook me to my core. I contemplated returning to my old self. It was easier to hate them and forget about them.

It was in those moments that God showed me something. I can’t change people. I can’t change the way people think about me or perceive me. In those moments I had to choose. I had two choices: the way of the world and how other people wanted to view me; or the way God viewed me. The only person that could make that choice was me.

Today, as I write this, I do my best to only focus on how God sees me and on His promises. While it isn’t always easy, I find peace in Him.  I am learning to draw my strength from Jesus and not others. I am getting better at it with time.  image_editor_share_1435067848414

In the beginning of my walk with Chris, it was really hard. At least for me it was. It’s hard because you want to understand. It’s hard because you want these people to understand; You want people to see the truth and salvation in Jesus but instead they walk away.

It is not my responsibility to chase them. It’s my responsibility to chase Jesus. Learned that the hard way. It’s not for me to try and talk them into it. It’s for me to show them the love of Jesus. Even when they’re ugly and mean.26759-07132015-matthew-7-13-14-social

The sad reality is that people are going to walk out. People are going to leave. It’s in those moments that we press in even closer to God.  It’s in those moments that we have the opportunity to grow. The road to salvation is narrow and not everyone will choose to walk it (Matthew 7:13).

In order for some to see the narrow path we must be the light of Jesus that shows it to them (Matthew 5:16). Don’t be discouraged. Stay in the fight and press into God. He promises us that if we draw unto Him that He will draw unto us (James 4:8).


One thought on “Set Apart

  1. That is very true Chris. All we can do is be an example of what life is with God being the biggest part of it and pray others will want what we have. Thank you for having the courage to do what you are doing. I do think that sometimes it is not the others that walk away from us but we choose to step away from them and just be an example. God is Good!! Love you son!!


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