Mercy and forgiveness are two things everyone wants when they have done something wrong. Everyone wants a second chance at whatever mistakes they’ve made.

I can remember the first time I went before a judge. Man was I scared! I had made a choice to break the law; I deserved whatever punishment the judge would give. I deserved it because I violated the law (rules) that were expected to be followed. It didn’t matter my age or even if I was sorry. The fact was that I broke the laws and there needed to be consequences for my actions. 0db1ceb6e09b37c48928f99bb3e9de35--bible-verses-for-marriage-faith-bible

Not only did I break the law but I also broke what trust I had with the people in my life.

That day, standing before the judge, I was shown mercy. He could have done a lot of things but he chose mercy. I can’t say that the forgiveness came right away because it didn’t. That took years, even decades, but it came.

There is another type of forgiveness and mercy that I’ve been thinking and praying about this morning. That is the ones found only in Jesus. While a lot of people may not face a judge here on earth, we will all stand before the Almighty God in judgment one day. When that time comes it will be too late to beg for mercy and forgiveness. No matter how much we beg, judgment will be cast for our sins here on earth. Storried-Judgement-Day

No matter how big or small, any sin will bring the guilty verdict. Like a capital crime here in Texas, the guilty verdict will bring with it a death sentence. Sentenced to hell, eternal separation from God. Some people think as I used to and say “hell isn’t ready for me!”. Let me tell you, yes it is and no you’re not. That is the one choice you would regret and the one choice you can’t take back.


There is another way, the only other way. When we accept Jesus as Lord of our lives, His sacrifice on the Cross pays our debt. When we stand before our Heavenly Father in judgment, saved by Jesus’ Blood, we stand without sin. We stand as though we had never sinned. God showed us mercy and forgiveness when He sent His Son to die for us. He did this before the trial because He knew there was no way we could meet the requirements on our own will or merit. The only stipulation is that we do it before we stand before Him and commit our lives to Jesus.

I am so thankful for the mercy and forgiveness I have in Jesus. I know the outcome of my final trial before the Judge. Do you have the assurance of spending eternity with God in Paradise? If so then Praise God. If not, then I pray you seek Him.


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