Just a few days ago we had yet another tragic shooting in an American school. 17 people, some students and some staff, were killed at the hands of an evil person. Some of the fallen are being praised as heroes as people reflect on their actions in the moment. It was a very sad day and will go down in the books with the rest of the statistics.S-Cameroons-day-of-mourning

Like the other mass shootings over the past few years, people are looking for answers. People are looking for solutions. And then there are the people that try to use a tragic situation like this to push their agenda. We have some people calling for stricter gun laws while others want to arm everyone. We have the people talking about mental illness and how someone should have seen this coming. It’s the same song and dance every time we go through something like this.

The problem is that these may or may not work. looking-for-answers

Even if they do, it would only be temporary because it doesn’t get down to the core issue. It would only be putting a patch on the problem; a problem that has been brewing for a very long time. A problem that comes from the moral fiber and foundation of us as Americans.

When this country was founded, it was founded on a certain foundation, set of principles and values. The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, and the Constitution written in 1787. 150703131119-02-early-u-s-history-super-169When this country was founded, every single law was based on the Bible. The Ten Commandments to be exact. That is the foundation of this country. It is the only foundation that we can have today. Why you might ask? Because that is what our country was built on. It would be like trying to change a house with a concrete foundation and trying to give it a pier and beam foundation. It can’t be done without destroying the house – the foundation cannot support it.

When we decided (between 1962 and 1963 in three different rulings) to remove prayer and the Bible from schools, the turn from God became more determined. Then in 1973, we felt that we could choose when life begins and we legalized abortion. 10-Commandments

We are now in a war with ourselves about marriage, gender and how the gay community should be viewed; being gay has become equal to race or religion.

No matter your religion, and that includes atheist, this country was founded on the Bible and God’s law. The whole thing, not just a piece but all. As the years have gone on, some have tried to pick and choose which ones we should change or get rid of. The sad reality is that God’s Law is an all-or-nothing type of deal.

Murder is murder, and per God’s Law murder is wrong. We have tried to justify it by saying that the fetus (baby) isn’t really a person so abortion isn’t wrong. But then if a drunk driver hits and kills a pregnant woman and her baby, he is charged with two murders. How are these treated differently?

efe82357242bf6a3ba30962d491dfd8f--god-is-love-god-jesusOr how about taking the Bible and prayer out of school? Yet every time a tragedy like this happens every single person in this country at least acknowledges God is real and says a prayer?

Now we’re trying to redefine marriage and questioning sexual orientation.

I know what my Bible tells me about all of this. All I can do is show love the best I can. Show Jesus the best I can. Share the Gospel of Jesus when the opportunity comes my way. If you choose to not believe, then that is between you and God.


As we are all looking around, trying to figure all this out, we might want to look a little further back…. past President Trump and past President Obama. We need to look back to when we started to compromise our foundation as a country. We are removing the foundation and surprised that everything is getting worse? It’s starting to crumble under the weight.

When we want to blame something or someone, we only need to go as far as the mirror. It starts with you and it starts with me. If we don’t fix this cracking foundation, the building will not stand. This country will not stand. We will fall under the weight of ourselves.


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