Last Friday my wife and I bought our first brand new vehicle as a couple, and for me it was my first brand new one ever. Granted it wasn’t the type of vehicle we had in mind when we first went to the dealership but it will help with the bigger goal of building our credit so it’s a win. We also wanted something that was newer with more safety features and a good warranty.

I bring this up, not to brag or boast, but to share something God taught me shortly after we made the plunge.

We decided the next day to drive to my father-in-law’s house a few towns southeast of us. As we get on the highway I can’t help but notice the smoothness of the ride and the difference in handling from our other vehicle. We get up to speed, which on this highway is 75 mph. I set the cruise control and off down the road we go. We talk about how different the ride is and how much nicer it is at highway speed. Just outside of town I can see the cars in front of me a fewskid-marks hundred yards hitting their brakes and some of them weaving in and out of the lanes. I’m alert now, not knowing what might be up ahead. Before I know it, there is a big metal drawer standing upright in the middle of our lane. With no time to signal and change lanes I whip the vehicle to the right and on the shoulder we go. Keeping control, I look in the rear view mirror to see the car behind me hit the drawer. With damage to the front he pulls over, I’m sure very upset.

As we continued down the road I felt the Spirit speaking to my heart. It was the safety features and the handling of this new vehicle that allowed us to maneuver around the obstacle in the road. It was the fact that we had brand new tires that were properly inflated that allowed us to stay in control. If we would have been in our other vehicle one of two things would have happened. We would have either hit it like the car behind us, or we would have lost control on the swerve and crashed. Our other car just wouldn’t have been able to move like the new one and some of that is our own fault. In an effort to save money we haven’t been putting new tires on but have been buying used ones. The suspension needs some attention that we have been neglecting as well. Not to mention it is bigger and heaver with a lot more weight than our new one.

applying-the-bible.jpgUsing that experience and the two vehicles we own God showed me something huge. The two vehicles we own are the two types of “Christians” in the world. The first is like our new car, everything about them is up to date and the best there is. Not things like cars, houses, bank accounts or jobs but spiritually “up to date”. They have been in God’s Word on a regular basis. They attend Church not because they must but for the fellowship and to grow closer to God and their fellow believers. Their prayer life is strong and healthy and their life reflects the relationship they have with Christ.

The second is like our other car. While our other car runs great and is reliable, it’s not as good as the new one. Christians, like our other vehicle, are doing just enough to get by. The Word that they receive is recycled and given from another person because they do not spend time in His Word. The Church attendance is only to punch the clock and say that they went, if they went at all. And the prayer life, it there is any, is weak at best. While still being a Christian, the bare minimum is being invested.

downloadAs these two Christians travel down life’s highway, both will make progress, both will move closer to the destination (Christ). But just like in this world and on these highways, things will come along. Obstacles will inevitably be in our path. How we handle these will be determined by our condition, by our walk. If we put ourselves in the “new car” category we stand a greater chance of maneuvering safely around or through the obstacles life brings. If we become as the older car the risk of crashing is greatly increased as we travel the road of life.

So, with all that in mind, which vehicle are you? If you fall in the second category it isn’t too late to make some changes. It isn’t too late to trade in and get a new relationship with Christ.


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