Music has always been a big part of my life. I can remember growing up listening to what is now Classic Rock with my dad. Bands like Journey, 38 Special, Pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Then there was my mom’s music, and her selection was Country. We would listen to Patsy Cline, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and Willie

As I grew up I gained my own personal taste for music. While still enjoying a lot of the music my parents listened to, I ventured out into other parts of the music world. Over the years my taste in music would change. Almost as if it were changing with my view of life.outlaw-country

Outlaw Country probably would be the music that I ended up listening to the most in my late teens and early adulthood. It was music I could relate to, it was music that spoke to my heart and my feelings. I liked that genre because it seemed as if the music knew right where I was at. As if the person singing either had been where I was or was also in the same situation. Music helped me feel as if I wasn’t alone.

130506-michael-hirshon-illo-640x426When I was in prison music was my escape. I could close my eyes and sing a song, a song from my past, and it would bring me back to a moment in time. A moment in time where I wasn’t incarcerated. For that minute or two I was free. Even if it was only in my mind.

imagesThat is the power that music has. Music can take our minds places that we can’t go on our own. Music can be refreshing and uplifting but it can also be destructive and binding. Sadly, we don’t give music the credit that it is due in today’s world. We just listen to music that we like, not considering the impact it is having on our minds.

I heard a man on the radio a few weeks ago talking about music. He talked about where music came from and the power that it has. While I was listening to him I was amazed at our oversight. We treat music like we do just about everything else, entertainment and pleasure. We have songs for every mood and even a certain type of music we really like. Not realizing the power that music has we feed on it like were starving.

3800405-religious-psalm-95-scripture-with-hymns-and-old-violin.jpgMusic was created in heaven for the angels to sing praise to God. It is the only thing that we use that wasn’t created on this earth. Some even believe that satan was the head of music while he was still in heaven. Music has heavenly power and we so often overlook it.

Like everything else on this earth, the devil has hijacked it for his use. We see this in a lot of the music out today. We flood our minds with sex, abuse, drugs, murder and the list goes on. We do this not realizing that the devil is using the music to manipulate our minds. We stand in awe as we are trapped in all types of sin wondering why we can’t escape. Not realizing music is the culprit.

ba8fe067e626d4f744e4087367234c21.jpgI’m not saying that music has all the blame but it does play a huge role. The music we allow in our ears helps to shape our mind. Helps to shape our thought process. If we change the music we listen to it will have a huge impact on how we live. It will change how we treat people, react to things, view ourselves and most importantly view God.

I love music, just about every genre, but I’ve learned to respect the power that is has. While I still listen to some of my old music it is in moderation. It is with the understanding of the power that it comes with.

We are at war every day and music is one of the weapons used. We must be on guard because it is used by both sides. No matter if the music leads us to God or away from God; it still holds the same power. We are responsible for what we allow in. What are you listening to?


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