Memories of the past are something we all have. They have been engraved into our subconscious and most of the time have a direct effect on our thought process and reactions. The extent of the memories for some may not be as dark as others but we all carry them. The older we get, the more they pile on and the more they influence or thoughts and decision making.

wpid-inspiration_past_quote_advice_car_life-a15e3f5ad6da4b1ba43fc5bb42796bc0_hFor me, I don’t like a lot of the things I am reminded of about my past. As I reflect, I can see the slow and steady progression into the person I was. With every wrong choice, I grew darker and wasn’t even really aware of what was going on until it was too late. I was finally at a place where I embraced who I was and my goal was to actually grow even darker and more sinister.

My wife & I have had our share of “trying Jesus”. We would go through the motions and partially commit to following Him. Eventually we would revert back to our old selves and leave Jesus behind. I am convinced that a lot of this stems from our past being brought back up in our memories. Not necessarily the bad things but more the things we enjoyed. Maybe music that we liked or activities we once enjoyed. While these things aren’t necessarily bad or wrong they end up opening the door for other things. And the slow and steady process begins. Casting Crowns did an amazing song called “Slow Fade” on this very topic.

When we accept Jesus into our lives we become new people. We become set apart from the rest of the world. Not that we are better in anyway just set apart. Our wants, desires and needs need to change. Our focus and thought process need to change. The things that we allow our mind to feed on need to change. With this, over time, we become stronger in our walk with Christ. With strength comes the reflection of His likeness.

7e7abfa003fe0026dcbec0913d741d19Our minds have had years consuming the things of this world. For me it was over 38 years of different things. I can’t change the things that are in there, but I can control the things I put in going forward.

The health of my relationship with Jesus is related to what I invest int. An example would be music. I love country music and classic rock but what does that do to the health of my Jesus relationship? The health of my mind and thoughts? Is it building my relationship with Jesus? I’m pretty sure it’s not. Now I’m not saying that I don’t listen to those types of music anymore, just in moderation. Moderation because I know that it is not building my relationship with Jesus. We are doing one of two things in life. We’re either moving towards Jesus or away from Him. There isn’t a standing still.

What we feed our minds with will inevitably define the direction we are going in. To be a Christian is to be Christ like. We can’t do that by feeding on things that aren’t of Him. There aren’t “undercover Christians”.

quote-2016-11-14-person-in-five-yearsWhen the pressure of life comes, and it always will, people will see the truth. When under the strain of life, what you’ve been feeding your mind will reveal itself.

So here is the question I have: When life hits you in the mouth what is your response? Is it a worldly response? Or a Christlike Biblical one? You can’t expect to react like someone you don’t know. You can’t expect to be a reflection of someone you don’t truly have a relationship with.

Accepting Jesus isn’t the end but the beginning. You now have a responsibility to be a reflection of Him to the rest of the world. To be the light. What you feed your mind has a direct impact on whom or what you are reflecting.


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